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I am new to VBA coding. I want to populate an excel sheet with different data. The requirement is to pull data into separate sheets of the same Excel. I need to use the same type of code below to maintain the integrity of the entire code.

outfile = "c:\" & Format(Date, "yyyymmdd") & "activedirectorydata.xls"
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "**MoActiveDirectoryData**", acFormatXLS, outfile, False

I am able to get data from a view/query MoActiveDirectoryData into one sheet. How should I go about getting data from another view/query into a different sheet of the same excel?

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If you use DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet, sheets will be created in the same file as long as the table or query that you are exporting has a different name than the sheets that already exist.

outfile = "c:\" & Format(Date, "yyyymmdd") & "activedirectorydata.xls"
''Sheet is called Query1
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "Query1", outfile 
''New sheet called Query2
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "Query2", outfile 
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Thanks a lot . It worked. –  Akshay Jul 12 '12 at 10:29
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