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I'm adding a JCheckbox and two JPanels to another JPanel with MigLayout, each in a different line. The problem is that the gaps between the rows are 1-2 cm, and I don't want a gap between them. I tried to use grow to fill the space, but it only fills it horizontally, not vertically.

Hope that someone knows how to fix this. I'm a newbie so I hope that you can explain in an "easy to get"-way.


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Help us help you - show your code :) –  Jacob Raihle Jul 17 '12 at 11:53

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MigLayout uses standard-sized gaps between components if you do not explicitliy change them. If you want to delete these gaps you can set 0lp! between the lines in your row definition, e.g. MigLayout("", "[]", "[my checkbox row definitions]0lp![my first panel row definitions]0lp![my second panel row definitions]")

Hope that's what you mean ;-)

Kind regards,


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Do this where you declare your MigLayout

MigLayout mg = new MigLayout("", "", "1");

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In MigLayout there's a layout contraint (the first fo the three string in the definition of the layout) for gaps: gap, and its vertical variant gapy, so...

new MigLayout("gapy 0...", "[...]", "[...]");
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