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I want to get the position of moving touches, so I need to get the array of touches which are moving in the TouchesMoved. I know how to get the array but the problem is that it only gets the one touch, and when I put more than one finger, it gives the first touch info only cause the array has one element only. it is demonstrated in the following code block:

public override void TouchesMoved (NSSet touches, UIEvent evt)
        base.TouchesEnded(touches, evt);

it always print 1. which means it only contains only one element.

Sincerely yours, Peyman Mortazavi

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I myself got it.

you need to enable multiple touch in the panel which is receiving touches.

lets suppose myPanel is the case.

myPanel.MultipleTouchEnabled = true;

Regards, S. Peyman Mortazavi

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