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I'm looking for a simple, free charting control for WPF. After some reading (e.g. WPF chart controls), I had a look at OxyPlot:

It looks very promising and well done: did you ever use it? Can you suggest a place to find some additional reference (that on the website seems to be still incomplete)?

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I started to use this library as well. Until now I like it.

About the documentation, I agree it is indeed quite poor. Probably the best you can do is to explore the code of the examples that you find in the project. I can say I could find all the code I need.

By the way the only small problem that I have had until now is visible in picture. It happens with a large number of points (e.g.. > 1000).

enter image description here


this problem happens when LineJoin is set to OxyPenLineJoin.Miter; it can be solved by

LineJoin = OxyPenLineJoin.Bevel;


LineJoin = OxyPenLineJoin.Round;

Hope this helps

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thanks, up to now I was able to produce some charts by using the CTRL+ALT+C feature of the examples provided by the developer. But still I can't find out how (for example) keep the chart sync while the PlotModel get updated. – AleV Jul 11 '12 at 19:52
If I understand well, in the constructor of your view you need CompositionTarget.Rendering += CompositionTarget_Rendering. Then inside CompositionTarget_Rendering call youroxychart.RefreshPlot(true); – Klaus78 Jul 12 '12 at 5:57
Thanks, it works! – AleV Jul 13 '12 at 10:40

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