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Why does T4MVC uses virtual for controller methods? Changing a

public ActionResult Details (string Id)


public virtual ActionResult Details (string Id)

I have already seen other questions about T4MVC but didn't understand why.

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Usually if a framework/library needs virtual methods (see also Nhibernate) it means somewhere/sometime your methods will be overridden.

So T4MVC marks your action methods as virtual because it's overrides them.

Lets take a simple controller:

public partial class HomeController : Controller
    public virtual ActionResult Index()
        ViewBag.Message = "Welcome to ASP.NET MVC!";

        return View();

If you go to the generated HomeController.generated.cs under the T4MVC.tt you will find a generated class which inherits from your controller and overrides your action method:

[GeneratedCode("T4MVC", "2.0"), DebuggerNonUserCode]
public class T4MVC_HomeController: MvcApplication8.Controllers.HomeController {
    public T4MVC_HomeController() : base(Dummy.Instance) { }

    public override System.Web.Mvc.ActionResult Index() {
        var callInfo = new T4MVC_ActionResult(Area, Name, ActionNames.Index);
        return callInfo;


I haven't used T4MVC so I don't know why and for what purpose T4MVC creates this generated class.

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thanks for the answer, I will also look into NHibernate. –  pdjota Jul 11 '12 at 17:46

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