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can someone tell me how i can create my own gauss-kernel? In the paper Frequency-tuned Salient Region Detection (Section 4.2) they use a DoG-Bandpass filter. I don't know how to implement this in OpenCV/JavaCV. The Kernel for the DoG is called: 1/16[1; 4; 6; 4; 1]. Can someone explain how to set those kernels ?

//EDIT: in time, i've set up my DoG Filter with:

double sigma_small = Math.PI/2.75; 
double sigma_large = DOUBLE.POSITIVE_INFINITY; 
IplImage gaussL= cvCreateImage(cvSize(width, height), IPL_DEPTH_8U, 3);
IplImage gaussS= cvCreateImage(cvSize(width, height), IPL_DEPTH_8U, 3);
cvSmooth(input, gaussL, CV_GAUSSIAN, kernel_size,kernel_size, sigma_small, sigma_small);
cvSmooth(input, gaussS,CV_GAUSSIAN, kernel_size,kernel_size, sigma_large, sigma_large); //eq. to 0

But i thought it's the wrong kernel. Or i did something wrong. greetings, destiny

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Kernel is just cv::Mat


As documentation says you should create Mat kernel you want and:

"generated kernels can be passed to sepFilter2D() or to createSeparableLinearFilter()"

I haven't tested it but should work.

You can also apply operation based on kernel by hand. It is not hard.

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thank you,by hand? how can i do this? – 501 - not implemented Jul 11 '12 at 13:28
google for some references of implementing Gaussian Filter rastergrid.com/blog/2010/09/… librow.com/articles/article-9 lodev.org/cgtutor/filtering.html I just scrolled this sites. You can propably find better references. – krzych Jul 11 '12 at 13:45

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