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I have a store and have populated with 5 records. the corresponding model has 6 fields : ordinal, pageNum, top, left, bottom , right. When i try to update the 4 fields those are top, left, bottom , right for the particular record, lets say i want to update fields(top, left, bottom , right) in the 4 th record and i am setting the record to dirty :

 markukRecord = markupStore.getAt(3)
 markupRecord.dirty = true;

 markukRecord = markupStore.getAt(3)
 markupRecord.dirty = true;

 markukRecord = markupStore.getAt(3)
 markupRecord.dirty = true;

 markukRecord = markupStore.getAt(3)
 markupRecord.dirty = true;

note: the code is not repeated, its running through the loop. the problem here is , the 'left' and 'right' values are updated to the 5th record but not to the 4th record(index=3).

Am i missing anything here? Thanks in advance.

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Seems very weird that if you're iterating only one item does not get saved... should be the same code for all items..

One thing that you should check: are you doing markupStore.sync() after doing those changes?

Maybe you should show us the complete code, for example, where are `leftVal or rightVal defined? how are they defined, etc.

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