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I want to make sure my method doesn't modify certain cookies such as PLAY_FLASH and PLAY_SESSION (Why? Because of bug 785).

I tried this:

// This method should never modify any PLAY cookie.
public static void doNothingPost() throws InterruptedException {
    logger.info("Done nothing");



Well, it turns out that respone.cookies.remove() will actively delete a cookie (SetCookie with a past expiry date). How do I just tell play not to send any SetCookie header for a specific cookie? (Or all of them?)

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Also on the forums: groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/play-framework/… –  ripper234 Jul 11 '12 at 14:06
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  • t0 -> call setSession
  • t5 -> call doNothing
  • t10 -> setSession returns
  • t15 -> doNothing returns

    public static void setSession(String uuid){
        Cache.add(uuid, "guven");
        response.setCookie("username", "guven");
    public static void doNothing(String sameUUIDWithSetSessionParameter){
        String username = Cache.get(sameUUIDWithSetSessionParameter, String.class);
        Logger.info("dn: " + username);

if these consecutive ajax calls does not have different session ids, then forget the uuid parameter, just use session.getId() to get value from Cache

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