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I'm using python while some method requires tuple as its argument. Although instance created by namedtuple is tuple subclass, but it seems that I still need to transform it to tuple.
Is there any way to transform the tuple subclass made by namedtuple to tuple quickly? Thanks!

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Oh no! I think I smell type(). Should be using isinstance(), or even better, just use duck typing. – Platinum Azure Jul 11 '12 at 13:46

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A namedtuple instance x can be converted to a tuple using tuple(x), but you shouldn't need to do so. If some code only accepts tuples, but no namedtuples, I consider that code broken. (There may be special cases that require such a behaviour, but I can't think of any right now.)

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Well, if I understood the problem right, you can just instantiate tuple using your namedtuple as an argument:

>>> T = namedtuple('T', 'x y')
>>> isinstance(tuple(T(1, 2)), tuple)
>>> tuple(T(1,2))
(1, 2)
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