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I would like to add security to Struts 2 application. I chose Apache Shiro. Can you give me some useful tips? I've started the integration according to web integration on shiro's site but at the moment it doesn't work.

I added to my web.xml





I've created shiro interceptor.

public class ShiroInterceptor extends AbstractInterceptor {
    public String intercept(ActionInvocation actionInvocation) throws Exception {
        Subject shiroUser = SecurityUtils.getSubject();
        actionInvocation.getStack().setValue("shiroUser", shiroUser);
        return actionInvocation.invoke();

I've added shiro.ini


#authc = org.apache.shiro.web.filter.authc.PassThruAuthenticationFilter
authc.loginUrl = /login.jsp
authc.usernameParam = login
authc.passwordParam = password
authc.successUrl  = /some.jsp
roles.unauthorizedUrl = /error.jsp

myRealm = travel_click.logic.manager.security.MyRealm
securityManager.realms = $myRealm


I wrote MyRealm class.

What else should i do?

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What have you tried? What do you mean by "didn't succeed"? –  jbunting Jul 11 '12 at 16:16
without any further definition of i didn't succeed, its impossible anyone to help you –  Umesh Awasthi Jul 12 '12 at 6:05
I've edited a post, deleted this phase and added more details. –  Olivia Jul 12 '12 at 8:30

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