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Here I need to pass dynamic multiple customer ID's to the select query in mule. So i have come up with a comma seperated string which holds my customer ID's for ex: String custid=1001,1002 .I'm using groovy evalutor to fetch the string value to the JDBC query.But I'm receiving an empty payload after executing the query. Also for a single value string like String Custid =1001 i'm getting the desired result. So In Mule whether it appends a single quotes for the string like '1001,1002', which causes this issue?.

Please help me to resolve this issue .Also please let me know whether there is any other approaches which can be followed to resolve this issue ?

Here is my code snippet:

<jdbc:query key="getCustID" value="SELECT CUSTID,CUSTTYPE FROM CUSTINFO WHERE CUSTID IN  (#[groovy:payload.custid]) "/>
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Mule replaces expressions, like #[groovy:payload.custid] with bound parameters, so this is why it doesn't work: the coma separated values are replaced as a single parameter.

I don't have a great solution for what you want to do. One approach would be to register the query with the IDs list already resolved on the JDBC connector queries map just before using it. You would generate a unique query name (like a UUID) to ensure it's used only by the current thread and you would also need to remove it from the queries map after usage to avoid memory leaks.

This is very hacky though, hopefully someone else will have a better answer...

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