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I am reading this tutorial http://developer.android.com/guide/google/play/billing/billing_testing.html and it is really confusing me :)

In one part of the tutorial, it discusses that I should make a test app and release it into google play. And in another part of the tutorial, it discusses setting up static return values so I can mimic what google play returns to my app.

What is the right approach here if I want to test out the flow of someone buying access to a certain page?

I already have the code to buy the stuff. I just need to test that the transactions would work and the return value would be ok.


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If you want to test with real server you need to upload your apk file as draft version no need to publish it.

as they says

 Note: Making in-app billing requests with the reserved product IDs overrides the usual
Google Play production system. When you send an in-app billing request for a reserved product
ID, the quality of service will not be comparable to the production environment.

so...If you want to test with your product ID you need to upload the signed version of your app on market (offcourse as draft) and also you need to pay! :)

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