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I have this old URL from our previous site

where the "variables" are

changing-category: example sports, politics etc.


12345-title-of-story: 12345 is the old id and the rest is the story slug / title

The new site uses only the story slug in this format

Is it possible to create a 301 rewrite rule in nginx to achieve this ?

I tried this:

rewrite ^/fixed-word/([^\?]+)$/([^\?]+)$ /index.php?tipo=old_article&slug=$1 last;

And the idea was to get the slug in php and remove the numeric id from the slug (12345-) but does not work, aging returns 404

Any advice ?


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This regular expression is completely wrong: ^/fixed-word/([^\?]+)$/([^\?]+)$

If you just need to create a 301 redirect, then you should use this:

location /fixed-word/ {
    rewrite ^/fixed-word/(?:[^/]+)/(?:\d+)-(.+)$ /another-fixed-word/$1 permanent;
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