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I'm using Gitolite.
This is my folder Structure:


I have created one repository named demo.git.
I have created three gitolite users user1, user2 and user3.

Now, my question is that when user1 clone or commit or push or pull changes, then it only should change user1's working directory, and same as user2 and user3.
How would you enforce that with Gitolite?

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When user1 pull, it will always changes only his/her own working directory.

But when user1 pushes, he/she pushes to one gitolite-manage repo.
If you need to offer personal branch per user, you can look at the gitolite personal branches, in order to enforce user1 to push only in a specific branch.

A user "alice" (if she's in the userlist) can then push any branches inside personal/alice/.
Which means she can push personal/alice/foo and personal/alice/bar, but NOT personal/alice.

(Background: at runtime the "USER" component will be replaced by the name of the invoking user. Access is determined by the right hand side, as usual).

Compared to using arbitrary branch names on the same server, this:

  • Reduces namespace pollution by corralling all these ad hoc branches into the "personal/" namespace.
  • Reduces branch name collision by giving each developer her own sub-hierarchy within that.
  • Removes the need to think about access control, because a user can push only to his own sub-hierarchy.
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