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In 0.9.3, the region manager has changed with the following entry in the changelog:

  • BREAKING Changed the implementation of Region to allow easier overriding of how the new view is added to the DOM

What is the best way of overriding the open method?

Currently I am doing the following which does work but I am curious to know what the recommended way is:

_.extend(Backbone.Marionette.Region.prototype, {
  open: (view) ->

This change has also broken some code for me because in some cases I was calling show like this:

region.show(documentsView, 'after')

And in others I was calling it like this:

region.show unitsView

How can I override open to take both these instances into account or do I need to override show?

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1 Answer

This works:

_.extend(Backbone.Marionette.Region.prototype, {
        show: (view, appendMethod) ->


            @open(view, appendMethod)
            @currentView = view

        open: (view, appendMethod) ->
            appendMethod = appendMethod || "html"
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