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Can Vertica Database be used as OLTP ?
And if so what are the pros and cons on doing this ?
Looking for a Vertica vs Oracle fight :)
Since Oracle license is so costly, would Vertica do it job for a better price ? thx all

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Using Vertica as a transactional database is a bad idea. It's designed to be a data warehousing tool. Essentially, it reads and writes data in an optimized fashion. Lots of transactions? That's not what it is designed to do.

I would recommend that you look into VoltDB. Michael Stonebreaker who is the force behind Vertica founded that company as well. His basic philosophy is that Oracle, SQL Server, et al do not do well for high performance since they are designed to do everything. The future is having databases designed for specific tasks.

So he had some concepts for a data warehousing which became Vertica. For transactional databases, there's VoltDB. Not owned by HP, for the record.

For the record, I haven't used VoltDB. From what I know, it isn't as mature as Vertica is as a solution but it looks like it has a ton of promise.

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Thx for the reply Geoff , –  Up_One Jul 13 '12 at 13:35
Thx Geoff, <br/> True Vertica design is not for OLTP use, by using it in OLTP you take away it's WOS and ROS extras witch makes it different form others.<br/> The strange part is that still it makes everything much better then OLTP RDBMS , so far the speed is great .<br/> As for VoltDB like you said is still not mature wicth makes it hard to present to clients.<br/> But is a DB to keep my eyes on :).<br/>. I am going to try to implement Vertica along with other OLTP RDBMS , maybe with a 5 years plan we might get a good return from it in $$$ wise !! –  Up_One Jul 13 '12 at 13:58

HP Vertica is a column store database. The nature of the way that data is organised within a column store does not lend itself to rapid writes.

HP Vertica gets around this by having a WOS (Write Optimised Store) and ROS (Read Optimised Store which is file based).

Data is moved out of the WOS into the ROS fairly rapidly and the ROS itself has a "merge up" process that takes small ROS files and merges them together to form larger and therefore more easily scanned files.

If you tried to use Vertica for OLTP then what would happen would be that you'd get loads of ROS containers and possibly hit the default limit of 1024 ROS containers very quickly.

If you fronted the store with some form a queuing mechanism to pass through records in larger batches then this would result in fewer and larger ROS files. It would work but if you wanted to take your OLTP system to be reading very close to its writing activity it would not fit the use case.

The WOS/ROS mechanism is a neat work around for the fundamental performance penalty of writes in a column store DB but fundamentally Vertica is not an OLTP DB but rather a data mart technology that can ingest data in near real time

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Thx for the reply, at this point i have reached Arquitect level in Vertica ! Thx anyway –  Up_One Jun 10 '14 at 13:41

We'e seen pretty poor performance with copying tables straight across from MySQL. Like <100ms queries becoming +1s queries.

What are your use cases in more detail?

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Telecom Company –  Up_One Jul 11 '12 at 19:06
So far i am testing it on 50 millions table , and it beats up all regular OLTP RDBMS - on all types of DDL and DML . –  Up_One Jul 11 '12 at 20:38
The main use will be for reporting services , for now (poor's man Analitycs :) ) –  Up_One Jun 10 '13 at 22:02

Up_one - considering the telecom use-case - are you doing CDR or something else?

To answer your original question yes Vertica may be a great fit but it depends on how you are loading the data, how you are doing updates, what your data size is and what your SLA is. I am really familiar in this space because I implemented Vertica at a telecom that I worked for at the time.

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What tools do you use to load the data ? –  Up_One Jun 10 '13 at 21:59

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