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Given a DataFrame that contains multiple columns (possible regressors), how can I generate all possible combinations of columns to test them into different regressions? I'm trying to select the best regression model from all the possible combination of regressors.

For example, I have this DataFrame:

            A   B
1/1/2011    1   4
1/2/2011    2   5
1/3/2011    3   6

and I want to generate the following ones:

            A   B
1/1/2011    1   4
1/2/2011    2   5
1/3/2011    3   6

1/1/2011    1
1/2/2011    2
1/3/2011    3

1/1/2011    4
1/2/2011    5
1/3/2011    6
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Try using itertools to generate the powerset of column names:

In [23]: import itertools as iter

In [24]: def pset(lst):
   ....:     comb = (iter.combinations(lst, l) for l in range(len(lst) + 1))
   ....:     return list(iter.chain.from_iterable(comb))

In [25]: pset(lst)
 ('A', 'B'),
 ('A', 'C'),
 ('A', 'D'),
 ('B', 'C'),
 ('B', 'D'),
 ('C', 'D'),
 ('A', 'B', 'C'),
 ('A', 'B', 'D'),
 ('A', 'C', 'D'),
 ('B', 'C', 'D'),
 ('A', 'B', 'C', 'D')]
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Perfect, thank you very much! – gustavopr Jul 11 '12 at 17:06

If you are looking for combination of columns to regression against each other

df = DataFrame(numpy.random.randn(3,6), columns=['a','b','c','d','e','g'])
df2 =[df[list(pair)] for pair in list(iter.combinations(df.columns, 2))]
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