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We are using Glassfish on multi homed servers and I would like to force Glassfish just to use one interface.

I updated domain.xml by

  • substituting every occurrence of by the IP address
  • everywhere a port was mentioned without an address address=<IP> was added
  • every host=localhost was substituted with host=<IP>

After starting Glassfish several listeners are still listening on every available IP address:

  • 3820: I tried to specify an address but the option is ignored

     <iiop-listener port="3820" id="SSL" address="<IP>" security-enabled="true">
  • 3920: same as above

    <iiop-listener port="3920" id="SSL_MUTUALAUTH" address="" security-enabled="true">

    has no effect

  • 7776: no idea

The next listeners use some dynamically generated ports

  • 53491
  • 53495
  • 53496
  • 53497

Now my question:

  • is there a way to make sure Glassfish will be using one and just one network interface?

  • if this cannot be achieved with Glassfish is there a way on a Linux system to trick an application to see only one interface?

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Hi, the best way would be to ask in the users mailinglist. – Markus Eisele Jul 12 '12 at 4:30

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