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I am trying to get each 'section' of my one page website Fade in and out based on the scroll position. I want the section's to remain as display:block so I am using the FadeTo method rather than FadeIn/FadeOut.

The idea is to have each section fadein when it reaches a certain distance from the top and fadeout when it doesn't meet certain requirements. My current markup attempt is as follows but struggling on figuring out where I am making the mistake


function scrollFadeDiv(element, navheight) {
    var offset = element.offset();
    var offsetTop = offset.top;
    var totalScroll = offsetTop - navheight;

    if (totalScroll > 0 ){
        $(element).fadeTo('slow', 0.0); 
    } else {
        $(element).fadeTo('slow', 1.0);


and my window scroll event:

$(window).on('scroll', function(){
    var elWrapped = $('section');
    scrollFadeDiv(elWrapped, 75);

My concern is that since live() has been deprecated and delegate() doesn't work with the scroll event than, the totalScroll variable won't continually be updated/re-calculated after the DOM has been loaded.

Thanks in advance!

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My suggestion is to use the waypoints plugin:


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Thanks Lucuma, this solution worked just fine. I am still looking to find out where I went wrong just for the sake of having a better understanding and improve my craft. Thanks again for the suggestion! –  user1512126 Jul 12 '12 at 13:43
Build a jsfiddle to demonstrate a specific problem and post that to your question. I'm not sure the issue has anything to do with live and delegate which have analogs in the newer jquery versions. –  lucuma Jul 12 '12 at 15:55

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