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for example i have data response from here: http://www.facebook.com/ajax/shares/view/?target_fbid=410558838979218&__a=1

there is a pattern that looks like this:


how can i parse it with the preg_match_all() in PHP? I know i need complex regular expression, but i dont have a clue how to write one for such pattern in the text. Thanks for help

UPD: the following code does give the id:

$str = 'hovercard.php?id=655581307';
preg_match_all('/[0-9]{9}/', $str , $matches);


this one doesnt

$url = 'http://www.facebook.com/ajax/shares/view/?target_fbid=410558838979218&__a=1';
$html = file_get_contents($url);
preg_match_all('/[0-9]{9}/', $html, $matches);
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Well the only variable here is the id value right? It's not that complex then, just a [0-9]{9} would do the trick. No? – Maresh Jul 11 '12 at 15:58
yeap, i need to get the id. the folowing code does give me id if i use string variable like this in my source: $str = 'hovercard.php?id=655581307'; BUT If i use $html = file_get_contents($url); i dont get it, see my update on question – Leg0 Jul 11 '12 at 16:10
Hmm ye cause the second one isnt the same there are 14 numbers, if you want it to match for both maybe id=[0-9]+&? or [0-9]{9,14} there are several ways to write that. – Maresh Jul 11 '12 at 16:19
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This gets a bit messy due to the backslashes escaping stuff, but to match exactly that string this call to preg_match_all() should work:

preg_match_all('#(data-hovercard=\\\\"\\\\/ajax\\\\/hovercard\\\\/hovercard.php\?id=[0-9]+\\\\">)#', $str, $matches);

That will give you the whole string you posted in $matches. However, if you only want the numbers from id you can add extra parenthesis around that like so:

preg_match_all('#(data-hovercard=\\\\"\\\\/ajax\\\\/hovercard\\\\/hovercard.php\?id=([0-9]+)\\\\">)#', $str, $matches);

And the numbers will appear individually in $matches (similarly, you can remove the parenthesis that wraps the whole regexp to stop matching the whole string).


And now I see the question is updated. If your new example fails it's because there are no sequence of 9 digits in the data you get. When I try myself I simply get a response that says I need to log in, so maybe your matching issues is in fact due to you not getting the data you expect? Try dumping $html to see if what you are looking for is in fact in there.

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thanks! didnt see that log in message, totally saved me lots of time hah – Leg0 Jul 11 '12 at 16:23
Thanks a lot! Second one is exactly what i was looking for :) – Leg0 Jul 12 '12 at 13:06

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