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I have a windows/apache/php/postgres installed (php 5.3 and Postgres 9) I'm trying to execute a "psql" command line from PHP, so for this I need psql doesn't ask for the password. I already have a pgpass.conf file in the %appdata%/postgresql path

If I execute the line from the windows command line

"C:\Program Files\BitNami WAPPStack\postgresql\bin\psql.exe" -U postgres -w -d [DB] < "[SQL FILE]" 

it works fine, but when is done through PHP with shell_exec() it does not work, apache error log says "psql: fe_sendauth: no password supplied"

So, I don't know why it works from command line but not from PHP's shell_exec()


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%appdata% is probably not the same between apache's execution environment and the windows command line you're testing against. Generally on Windows, apache is expected to run as a service under the LocalSystem account (see Using Apache HTTP Server on Microsoft Windows)

But you could store a pgpass.conf file at a different place pointed to by the PGPASSFILE environment variable in apache (a SetEnv declaration in apache configuration file should do, or in the php code).

Or avoid the password file altogether and set the PGPASSWORD environment variable directly to the value of the password just before executing psql.

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Since i was doing this for a local connection to postgres, I just changed the pg_hba.conf file so the local connections were now TRUST. So I no longer use the pgpass file. –  juakonn Jul 26 '12 at 16:21

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