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From what I understand Foldable basically represents structures that have a number of elements of the same type that can be iterated over, i.e. lists, maps, sets, etc.

Is there a class like Appendable or Insertable which basically represents structures one can add elements to? Of course there would be no guarantee of the order of which elements are retrieved.

I'd rather not create a class myself if there already is one.

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You should look at the Data.Collections package. It contains the Unfoldable typeclass with the following methods:

class Unfoldable c i | c -> i where
  insert :: i -> c -> c
  empty :: c
  singleton :: i -> c

It also provides the insertMany and insertManySorted methods, to insert all the elements from a Foldable into an Unfoldable.

If you make your type an instance of both Foldable and Unfoldable then you can both insert and retrieve elements from it.

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I think insertion itself isn't really a sensible concept. There are better ways to generalize this. For example Alternative is a sensible type class there. You get pure for singletons and some generic union operation in the form of <|>.

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Is there a class like Appendable or Insertable which basically represents structures one can add elements to?

You want to be clearer on what you mean by "add elements." Because there are two ways this could go:

class Insertable c where
    -- Add one element to the collection.
    insert :: a -> c a -> c a

class Appendable c where
    -- Append a collection to another.
    append :: c a -> c a -> c a

The latter, you will note, does not support adding a lone a to the collection unless you add an operation like this:

class Pointed c where
    singleton :: a -> c a

Note that if you have Appendable and Pointed instances you can define an Insertable:

instance (Appendable c, Pointed c) => Insertable c where
    insert x xs = append (singleton x) xs

The Insertable class, together with operations for actually accessing the collection's elements (e.g. the Foldable class), can likewise be used to define an Appendable instance.

In any case, my mock Appendable class above is really just Monoid in disguise. My Insertable can likewise be seen as a disguised version of Chris Taylor's suggested Unfoldable class. I'd go with the Collection class from that package, though, which combines both Unfoldable with Foldable.

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+1 for "really just Monoid". The Appendable class doesn't add anything over it IMO, unless I'm missing something. –  Thomas Eding Jul 11 '12 at 20:13

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