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I have the following static class

static class ContactSettings
     static ObservableCollection<Contact> _contactCollection = new ObservableCollection<Contact>();

        public static ObservableCollection<Contact> ContactCollection
            get { return _contactCollection; }

where Contact is a class with Contact.Name, and Contact.Address string properties.

I want to bind the ContactCollection above to a WPF ListView that resides in a Window.

Here's my ListView XAML definition

<ListView x:Name="_contactListView" 
   DataContext="{Binding Path=ContactSettings}" 
   ItemsSource="{Binding ContactSettings.ContactCollection}">
         <GridViewColumn Header="Name" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Name}" />
         <GridViewColumn Header="Address" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Address}" />                                        

The binding doesn't work. I am pretty sure the problem is with the DataContext and ItemSource properties inside XAML. I can get the code to work if I move the ContactCollection inside the Window class, and set DataContext to Self. The problem is I don't how to tell ListView to bind to a collection inside another class. Thanks for your help.

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The problem is that you cannot bind to a static class as binding requires an instance of a class.

You can try a workaround like this SO question

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