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I'm just wondering how to implement pages with articles in TYPO3. I've seen News admin and tt_news package, so it seems these could be used too. But articles are not exactly news, so I wonder if using tt_news for this purpose isn't just some dirty hack and I wonder if there is some cleaner concept to be used for articles.

With article I mean something on certain topic which is not quickly outdated (contrary to news), the publish date is not so important, and the sort order of articles would not necessarily be by date.

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No, using tt_news is not dirty hack, it was used through long years for veeeeery different purposes and for now it's best solution I think (without writing custom extensions). What's more that's not only my thoughts this extension has the biggest number of downloads from TYPO3 repository.

Using different templates, categories and RealURL settings you can 'mask' that is tt_news in one place and use it for an example to build simple product's catalogue with lists and single views.

It also offers possibility to use hooks for extending ie. by adding additional template markers so instead writing the ext from the scratch, you just only write simple hooks functionality and that's all. As far as I remember there are even sample hooks in tt_news source code, so you just need to copy it into your own ext.

PS. by default tt_news doesn't support manual sorting (it sorts from newest to oldest from the range), however you'll find few extensions in repository to add this functionality.

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Thank you Marcus for quick and detailed answer! That's what I needed to know. – TMS Jul 11 '12 at 17:29

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