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This is related to preserve include path in xcode, but is the complimentary problem.

We are organizing our code on disk into logical components with folders like:


and require that team members import them like

#import "ComponentA/HeaderA.h"
#import "ComponentB/HeaderB.h"

We use the USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS pointing at the directory above ComponentA/B to enable the compiler to find these, it works fine.

However, these headers are included in the XCode project, so if someone accidentally uses

#import "HeaderA.h"
#import "HeaderB.h"

then XCode will still find the header, but we want it to produce a compiler error. Is there a way to get XCode to stop finding these headers unless the hierarchical name is used?

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It turns out that this has been asked before in controlling which project header file Xcode will include

The key undocumented setting is USE_HEADERMAP=NO, which stops Xcode from automatically finding any header file that has been added to the project.

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