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when i want to execute xp_cmdshell sp is sql server it give me error that I don't have permission to run xp_cmdshell. when i check in security tab in Property window of instance,in the service Proxy Account section enable service account Proxy check box is set. after deselecting this check box and select it again and set user name and password, I can execute xp_cmdshell.

My question is why this happen ...?what action can disable service account Proxy. is a normal behavior what is your idea. it happen recently and it happne multile time.

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This should be asked on the DBA site; I've voted to move it. It isn't really clear what you're seeing, but if something is being reset then one possible reason would be a schedule-based policy. –  Pondlife Jul 11 '12 at 21:10
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Does this happen frequently or has it only happened the once? It could be that some configuration changes did not take place initially.

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