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I have run into a little issue with placing divs inside a jQuery UI tabbed div to which I cannot find a logical solution (the illogical one I have in place and it works).

The problem is this

  1. I have a jQuery tab view (call it container) with three tabs
  2. The top most tab has three panels (divs) - call them toolbar, properties and editbox
  3. All three are floated left with the third one having the clear:right setting
  4. All three have a 3px badding and a 1px border
  5. All three have box-sizing:border-box
  6. The first two are, respectively,40px and 200px wide.
  7. The width of the third panel, editbox is set to 100px in CSS
  8. I then attempt to use a spot of jQuery to change that width to fill the available area. The calculation goes something like this

I don't get it - I thought specifying border-box simply takes care of everything and I never need to worry about padding and border ever again. Evidently, I have got my understanding wrong. I'd much appreciate any help.

 var w = $('#container').width() - $('#toolbar').width - $('#properties').width;

//Now if I assign that to the editbox

$('#editbox').css('width',w + 'px') //I find that editbox flows down below the other two.  In order for things to work I have to deduct 24 fom the width calculation above.  i.e.

w -= 3x2*padding (2px) + 3*1*border(1 px)
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Try using the outerWidth() function instead of width(). From jQuery's documentation for outerWidth:

Returns the width of the element, along with left and right padding, border, and optionally margin, in pixels.

See more:

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Thanks you! outerWidth did it – DroidOS Jul 11 '12 at 20:00
@DroidOS Don't forget to accept this as the correct answer :) – Jackie Jul 13 '12 at 14:55

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