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I'm trying to create a Google Chrome extension with a bar that appears along the bottom like the Chrome "Developer tools". I dont want to use content scripts, if possible. Does chrome extension provide any way to do this.

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You can create a panel IN the developer tools using the devtools API but it sounds like you want something separate from that.

The bad new is, unfortunately, there is no way to do this with out content scripts - Chrome is very strict on what it allows you to do. Why, may I ask, do you not want to use content scripts?

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I am new to Chrome. What I basically want to so is create a toolbar similar to Firefox that is persitent across windows, tabs etc. My understanding is content scripts get displayed only before/ after dom load. Developer tools may not be the way to go either since they do not seem to be persistent. What would be the best way to achieve this ? – Nancy Jul 11 '12 at 18:02
I just had a quick glance at the documentation, it appears content scripts can be injected before the DOM is rendered by setting the run_at property of content_scripts in the manifest.json to document_start. Have a look at the documentation here: good luck! :) – Bulk Jul 12 '12 at 1:02

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