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I'm currently using pdf.js for my project for rendering pdf Now there is this tricky task to highlight a section of pdf page given the co-ordinate


given a boundary section like [(31,35),(40,35),(40,40),(31,40)] I should highlight the given section with nay primary color of choice

How to write a javascript to actually using pdf.js api to accomplish this task

Is it possible or am I sounding over ambitions

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One of the authors for PDF.js, cjones, has stated:

No, and that’s (highlighting) not like something we would add to pdf.js. That ought to be easy to layer on top of pdf.js.

Source: http://blog.mozilla.org/cjones/2011/07/03/pdf-js-first-milestone/

You will need to implement it yourself if you are interested in using this functionality.

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Seem Like it you do a highlight so the point is to write myself that part but just thing how to go about it when writing specific script that mean how to colored a boundary based on given co-ordinate any idea –  Viren Jul 11 '12 at 17:58
Your best bet is to look into canvas.js in the src folder: github.com/mozilla/pdf.js/blob/master/src/canvas.js. The functions stroke and fill may prove useful. Enjoy! –  Daniel Li Jul 11 '12 at 18:01
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I found a better way to achieve this find the co-ordinate of the point in the html page

and then subtract the co-ordinate(position) of div.textLayer from it to find the co-ordinate

of the text in the pdf displayed online.

In order to find the co-ordinate of the text in actual pdf find the aspect ratio and you would

get the actual co-ordinate


if the pdf displayed online is 800x900 and the text co-ordinate


and the actual pdf size is 612x792

find the appropriate value of the area in actual pdf like this

(612/(800 / 31)),(792/(900/35))

and do this way for all co-ordinate found in online



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