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I started using Eclipse Juno a few days ago after using older versions for years.

There's one thing that's really bothering me: What do that percentages next to the methods in the auto-complete box mean?

Screenshot of Percentages in Autocomplete Box

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The percentage represents how likely the Eclipse Code Recommenders think it is that you are looking for a certain completion based on the context and maybe prior usage and other variables (there are "5 Intelligent Code Completion Engines"). It is not only the bare usage statistics. So a value might change from 13% to 95% between some lines, depending what you did in between.

See the docs for details:

It assists developers by recommending him only those methods that are actually relevant for his task at hand. For instance, given that a developer just created a text widget makes it obvious for Code Recommenders which methods a developer wants to use next - even if the developer doesn't know it by himself.

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