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What I'm wanting to do, is take an object construct (For example, an Entity Framework object), then convert it to a dynamic object (Thinking JSON.Net JObject may be the best fit), and extending said object with additional properties for sending to the client, or a View template.

dynamic model = JS.ToJObject(myConcreteInstance);
model.AdditionalValue = "I need this stuff on the client... ";

Here's what I have, which works, but would rather not have the try/catch.

public static JObject ToJObject(object input)
    try {
        //anonymous types throw an exception here
        //    Could not determine JSON object type for type f__AnonymousType ...
        return new JObject(input);
    } catch(Exception) {
        //fallback to serialize/deserialize, which seems wasteful
        var txt = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(
            ,new IsoDateTimeConverter()
            ,new DataTableConverter()
            ,new DataSetConverter()
        return JObject.Parse(txt);
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