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I have came through a query in SQL which will convert number we enter to word format The Query is

select to_char(to_date(&num,'J'),'JSP') from dual;


Normally the Julian Date Format gives the number of days added to the Julian date i.e 31-DEC-4712 I am unable to understand how does it convert every number into words.

Help me in understanding what it does actually ...

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The to_date function converting the date to julian is not responsible for the result coming up in plain english words. That is the to_char function with 'JSP' as an argument.

I'd explain, but really I think the explanations at the links below can explain better than I could.

Here is a good Ask Tom post that explains Julian Date.


And here is another good Ask Tom post that explains how to_char with 'JSP' will give you the number in english words.


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