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I have a fairly simple question. I have a JPanel on a JFrame. I have a JLabel on the JPanel. How, I wonder, do i FULLY REMOVE the JLabel from the JPanel during runtime?

ImageIcon image7= new ImageIcon("archmageanim.gif");
JLabel label7 = new JLabel("", image7, JLabel.CENTER);
p.add( label7, "0 , 6" ); //This coordinate has to do with a layout manager I'm using - it 
                          //I'm using - it works fine.

I have looked for this solution...but everyone says "the easiest way" is to set setVisible(false)...but that doesn't truly remove the object -_-. How can I REMOVE it?

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Can't you just use this to find the parent Container of the JLabel and then use the remove method?

Container parent = label7.getParent();

That should remove the label altogether and then refresh the parent Container.

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It's this.

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This is all you need to call to remove a component.

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