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There is a similar thread about this. But I want to have a multiline TextBox with automatic width (fit width to the larger row).

With this code I can have a multiline TextBox (automatic height)

     <div style="float:left; white-space:nowrap ">
        <asp:TextBox style="display:inline; overflow:hidden"  
    <div style="float:left">
        <asp:TextBox ID="txt2" runat="server" Text="Example textbox"></asp:TextBox>

Code behind:

txt1.Rows= text.Split("|").Length ' Sets number of rows but with low performance
txt1.Text = text.Replace("|", Environment.NewLine)

Once again, thanks for your help.

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You could try a linq approach:

string[] rows = text.Split('|');
int maxLength = rows.Max(x => x.Length);

txt1.Rows = rows.Length;
txt1.Columns = maxLength;
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If you are open to using plugins like jquery, you should look at autoresize plugins.

These will resize as a user types too.

Check out one autoresize

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Great tip nunespascal, but I can't use jQuery, thanks. – Coyolero Jul 11 '12 at 18:55

Joel Etherton give me a real good working code example of how to resolve this using Linq, but unfurtenly I can't use Linq.

Multiline TextBox auto Width using Linq (Joel Etherton's solution): C#

string[] rows = text.Split('|');
int maxLength = rows.Max(x => x.Length);

txt1.Rows = rows.Length;
txt1.Columns = maxLength;


    Dim rows() As String = text.Split("|")
    Dim maxLength As Integer = rows.Max(Function(x) x.Length)
    txt1.Rows = rows.Length
    txt1.Columns = maxLength
    text = text.Replace("|", Environment.NewLine)
    txt1.Text = text

Multiline TextBox auto Width solution 2 To achieve this "manually", I did this method to know the larger row's lenght. Is not the most efficiente one, but It worked for me:

    Dim textRows() As String = text.Split("|")

    For Each row As String In textRows
        row = row.Trim
        textToDisplay = String.Format("{0}{1}{2}", textToDisplay, row, Environment.NewLine)
        If row.Length > maxRowLenght Then
            maxRowLenght = row.Length
        End If
    txt1.Rows = textRows.Length
    txt1.Columns = maxRowLenght
    txt1.Text = textToDisplay
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