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I am writing a bootstrap code for one of my programs, and trying to install to my virtualenv directory using

initially I used :['pip', 'install', '-E', dir_name, 'processing'])

When re-running on ubuntu I noticed that the -E was outdated ( and need to use:

virtualenv dir_name && dir_name/bin/pip install processing

This works fine from the cmd line but will not work in subprocess:['virtualenv', dir_name, '&&', '{0}/bin/pip'.format(dir_name), 'install', 'processing'])

Returns this error message:

There must be only one argument: DEST_DIR (you gave dir_name && dir_name/bin/pip install   processing)
Usage: virtualenv [OPTIONS] DEST_DIR

I have also tried virtualenv.create_bootstrap_script(extra_text) (but can not figure it out and have some additional scripts I am running that are from git)

Wondering what I am doing wrong in subprocess or what I can change.


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Just check the status of the first command, then conditionally run the second:

retval =
    ['virtualenv', dir_name]
if retval == 0:
    # a 0 return code indicates success
    retval =
        ['{0}/bin/pip'.format(dir_name), 'install', 'processing']
    if retval == 0:
        print "ERROR: Failed to install package 'processing'"
    print "ERROR: Failed to created virtualenv properly."

Warning: danger below!

In order for the && token to work, you must use the argument shell=True in However, you MUST NOT use shell=True if you're accepting input from the user, because it will then allow arbitrary code execution.

Additionally, you need to join the args together.

If you're using a dir_name that you are hard coding:

cmdline = ' '.join(['virtualenv', dir_name, '&&', '{0}/bin/pip'.format(dir_name), 'install', 'processing'])
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Thanks!['{0}/bin/pip'.format(dir_name), 'install', 'processing']) works! –  gina turco Jul 11 '12 at 20:24
sorry I hit enter before i could type everything out and fix my edit –  gina turco Jul 11 '12 at 20:26

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