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I have a jquery date selector in my view that sends the :start_date and :end_date into my model which successfully creates an entry in my queries model which has attributes start_date and end_date.

In my controller I have a line in a mySQL query that takes string variables query.start_date and query.end_date. Those successfully pull from the model if I hand-define the start_date and end_date methods with individual dates.

In my controller, I also have query = to instantiate a class.

Finally, here is the code in my model, with my main page reloading on successful entry of a date range (which should then generate a graph with said date range):

class Query < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :name, :created_at, :start_date, :end_date

  validates_presence_of :start_date, :end_date

  def start_date
    start_date = Query.last.start_date

  def end_date
    end_date = Query.last.end_date

Currently, I'm getting an error undefined methodlast' for ActiveRecord::AttributeMethods::Query:Module`

I'm a bit confused about how to grab that last entry and have my page reload to display those date values.

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Try Query.all.last.end_date or Query.find(:all).last.end_date


Query is probably a reserved word. It isn't listed in the official list of reserved words, but rails is finding a conflicting file. Just change the model name as a workaround.

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I get 'undefined method find or all depending on which of your suggestions I try.' – Zack Shapiro Jul 11 '12 at 18:36

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