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Background: In the process of creating an android application, I am messing around with different hashing techniques and speeds. I was using the Android native stuff until I found SpongyCastle ( i.e. BouncyCastle ), which turned out to be a lot faster. The SpongyCastle .jar file is fairly large, and my .apk is over 800kb with just the jar and a couple of testing classes ( and all of the necessary android fluff).

Question pt 1: Is this normal for .jar files to do to an APK? Do they usually bloat out the file?

Question pt 2: Is there any way for me ( either via source or jar ) to cut down the file? I'm only using the SHA256 and SHA1 hash schemes, and I have not been able to figure out how to use just those two hash schemes without including the entire jar.


Edited: ProGuard works wonders.

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Use ProGuard. It excels at trimming down parts of dependencies that you don't use. It's specifically mentioned for use on Android applications here.

(I contribute to Guava, which is a pretty big library, but a lot of people want to use it for Android. We point them to ProGuard.)

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Had to do another couple of changes ( gorram proguard.cfg was nowhere to be found ), but that made it happen. Ta muchly! – Phill.Zitt Jul 11 '12 at 19:42

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