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I am trying to dynamicalyl populate my jqGrid...

I have been running into a hell of a time getting my jquery grid to populate with data. How would you set up your jquery string? I create an object like so...

public static object JsonHelper(TemplateModel model){

            var values = model.Template;
            var JsonDataList = new {
                total = 1,
                page = 1,
                records = model.Template.Count,
                rows = (from val in values
                        select new {
                            cell = //new string(
                                ":[\"id\" :\"" + val.EncounterId +",\""+
                                "\""+val.MRN + ",\""+                                    
                                "\""+val.HostpitalFinNumber +",\""+                                  
                                "\""+val.FirstName+",\"" +                                    
                                "\""+val.LastName +",\"" +                                    
                                "\""+val.DateOfBirth.ToString() +",\""+                                    
                                "\""+val.CompletedPathway +",\""+                                    
                                "\""+val.CompletedPathwayReason +",\""+                                    
                                "\""+val.PCPAppointmentDateTime.ToString() + ",\""+                                    
                                "\""+ val.SpecialistAppointmentDateTime.ToString() + ",\""+                                    
            return JsonDataList;

That is just an object, However I return the object using the Json methbod call...

Here is what I do...

return Json(DataRepository.JsonHelper(model.FirstOrDefault()), JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

I get the model from the search call... I have know idea what I am doing wrong... Can somebody give me a simple example of how to turn a simple object into json?

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I suggest you look into Google's gson library. I used it when working with JSON and it worked perfectly.

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I don't want to add yet another layer of complexity where something could break down. I just need to figure out why what I am doing does not work. –  DmainEvent Jul 11 '12 at 18:58

Well, I just used a string builder and a good JSON debugger to get the right strings, and it appears as though it works...

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