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I'm documenting a REST web API with Swagger. I've downloaded the petstore example. It consists of the resources.json which references pet.json and user.json:

            "description":"Operations about pets"
            "description":"Operations about user"

But even after uploading the original files to my web server, Swagger UI tells me:

Unable to fetch API Listing. Tried the following urls:

Can you tell what causes Swagger not find my json file?

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I'm assuming you're going to and it brings up the swagger ui? In the "Explore" textbox in the Swagger UI... be sure to type in the location of your resources.json.

I personally have my swagger api documentation set up this way...            --Swagger UI        --returns json representing resources.js --returns json representing donut operations

you can checkout a more detailed explaination here - Swagger With Static Documentation

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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