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I'm not a great coder, in fact I'm just trying to learn, but I can't get Geany to regonise Python in my system (Windows 7) when I try to execute the program. When I click Execute, it opens a command prompt saying:

'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

How can I fix this?

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Add the Python executable to your PATH. For example, I have Python installed at:

C:\Program Files\Python 3.2

So press Win + Pause/Break, and go to "Advanced System Settings":

System settings

Click "Environment Variables" at the bottom, add a new user variable called PYTHONDIR, and set it to your Python installation directory:

Adding a new environment variable

Then, look for another variable there called PATH. If there isn't one, create one and give it the value %PYTHONDIR%; otherwise, append ;%PYTHONDIR to the existing one. It should work fine now.

Adding the PYTHONDIR to the PATH variable

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Or you can skip the New User Variable. Find the PATH variable and click Edit. You want to add ;C:\Python27 to the end of that string. Save your change.


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I had the same problem and found that setting the path as described in the other prior posts was necessary but not sufficient. In my case, I had saved my script to the "geany" directory. It turns out that there was a permissions problem with the geany editor trying to create a temporary file in the geany folder. As soon as I saved my script to another folder the permissions error went away.

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