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I can't find a standard way to disable an individual item in a Qt combo box. Is there a facility to do this in Qt that I am missing?

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Taken from here:

// Get the index of the value to disable
QModelIndex index = ui.comboBox->model()->index(1, 0); 

// This is the effective 'disable' flag
QVariant v(0);

// the magic
ui.comboBox->model()->setData(index, v, Qt::UserRole - 1);

To enable again use:

QVariant v(1 | 32);

The model used maps the flags word to Qt::UserRole - 1 -- that's what makes this code work. It's not a generic solution that would work with an arbitrary model.

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It is invalid. Much better to make own list model (or proxy model), that will return flags properly. –  Lol4t0 Apr 1 '13 at 11:10
All that it's needed is NOT returning Qt::ItemIsEnabled from the model's flags() method. Qt::UserRole - 1 is a horrible hack you shouldn't be relying onto (it's not a public and documented role). Not to mention the 1 | 32 which doesn't even use the symbolic names. –  peppe Jan 27 '14 at 9:39
@Lol4t0: Much better to have the default model support enabling & disabling QComboBox items. –  user336063 Jan 15 at 0:10
@Sosukodo, just consider deafult models like examples and not smth you should really use in somehow complicated cases –  Lol4t0 Jan 15 at 8:40
@Lol4t0: That's a lame argument. –  user336063 Jan 15 at 18:19

In case your combo box is using a QStandardItemModel (which it does by default) then you may stay away from the Qt::UserRole -1 hack (see blog post to which Desmond refers to in his answer above):

const QStandardItemModel* model = qobject_cast<const QStandardItemModel*>(ui->comboBox->model());
QStandardItem* item = model->item(1);

item->setFlags(disable ? item->flags() & ~(Qt::ItemIsSelectable|Qt::ItemIsEnabled)
                       : Qt::ItemIsSelectable|Qt::ItemIsEnabled));
// visually disable by greying out - works only if combobox has been painted already and palette returns the wanted color
item->setData(disable ? ui->comboBox->palette().color(QPalette::Disabled, QPalette::Text)
                      : QVariant(), // clear item data in order to use default color

Above code is a revised and more generic solution to my comment to the blog post.

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You can use the model of a QListWidget as a proxy.

QComboBox *combo = new QComboBox(this);
QListWidget *contents = new QListWidget(combo);

/* Populate contents */
contents->addItem("...");    // Etcetera

Then, this method will disable an item:

void disableItem(int index)
    QListWidgetItem *item = contents->item(index);
    item->setFlags(item->flags() & ~Qt::ItemIsEnabled);
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