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I created a Rails 3.2 app that acted solely as an admin area. There wasn't a need to create a frontend/backend setup which made my job a lot easier with testing.

The app serves its job as an admin style backend. But I was given the task to add a frontend area for clients to view portions of the site.

While an easy solution would be to add a namespace, I don't want to rewrite my controllers. The only thing that needs to change is the view, which I don't mind rewriting because it is required.

Is there a way to change which view is loaded based on which user is logged in, without having to specify it in every controller action with, render [:client, @product]

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After reading my question through again I realized I wasn't searching for the right thing. And, can you believe that after one search for dynamic views I found an answer on Stack Overflow?

Here's the result of my code that allows dynamic views. If there is a better solution or anything that can be improved, please add an answer.

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  include ControllerAuthentication


  def render(*args)
    options = args.extract_options!
    render_options = _normalize_args(*args)

    if logged_in? && current_user.is_admin?
      options[:template] = "/admin/#{params[:controller]}/#{render_options[:action] || params[:action]}"
    elsif logged_in?
      options[:template] = "/client/#{params[:controller]}/#{render_options[:action] || params[:action]}"

    super(*(args << options))
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