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My pages should have titles like "Online reservation for Restaurant Name - City, State | BookYummy"

When I search "site:bookyummy.com" in Google, some titles are correct but the others are wrong with titles like "City, State - BookYummy.com".

When I open these pages with wrong titles indexed, correct titles are shown in my pages.

My question is, is it possible that Google did something wrong or there must be something wrong with my code?

I have investigated all my code and did not find any problem. Any hint will be appreciated.

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The weird thing is, all the pages are generated with the same PHP code. I have no idea what caused the difference. –  user570494 Jul 11 '12 at 20:21

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For Google to correctly pick up the titles, your titles must be set upon HTML generation. So if this is a PHP/ASP.NET/ROR application, they must be set in php, C#/VB/etc, ruby code behind. Any titles that are modified with any form of javascript manipulation (including ajax) will not show up in Google as they do in the browser.

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Actually I'm using PHP and the title is generated in PHP code: echo '<title>Online reservation for '.$title.' | BookYummy</title>'; –  user570494 Jul 11 '12 at 20:19

When I search other words, it shows the correct titles. It seems that it's not a problem.

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Looks like the titles changes because your pages confuse Googlebot , he chose the titles from the page content and not only the title tags.

If you improve your page structure and use Heading[h1-h6 tags] and use the title key words in your page content-google use it to.

In few pages looks like he use the bold text in the page for the SERP titles and ignore the title tags itself.

Beyond that you have duplicate pages on your website that generates because you don`t redirect www to non www page and there is 2 similar page like:



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