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I've got a method that walks up through an expression tree building a '.' delimited string of property names

public static string GetPropertyNameFor<TSource, TProperty>(Expression<Func<TSource, TProperty>> propertyLambda, bool fullyQualified)
       // if fullyQualified return Bar.BoolProp1
       // else return BoolProp1


var propName = GetPropertNameFor<Foo, bool>(foo=>foo.Bar.BoolProp1);

But what I need to do now is call the method at run time. I have the type and a the PropertyInfo hierarchy. Presumably I need to create an override that access a type as another arg and create an expression tree to pass in to properyLambda.

is that correct? all the example of expression tree look hugely complicated; any advice appreciated

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Use expression.Compile(). It gives you the method which represents the lambda expression.

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thanks for reply, but I already have method to get the string representation, i want to get from string to Expression. – sambomartin Jul 11 '12 at 21:04
@sambomartin Oh, sorry! Editing. – Asti Jul 11 '12 at 21:10

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