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In my application the JAXB output generates like:

this.marshalOut(jaxb_Object, fileOutputStream);

this is method call to the spring Object XML Mapping Marshallers that generate XML files. Now, I also like to generate JSON files after this line. Any one have idea about generating JSON output using JAXB input.

I found this example code online:

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
AnnotationIntrospector introspector = new JacksonAnnotationIntrospector();
// make deserializer use JAXB annotations (only)
// make serializer use JAXB annotations (only)
mapper.writeValue( outputStream, jaxb_object);

The setAnnotationIntrospector is deprecated, is there any other way of solving this problem?

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You may be interested in the object-to-JSON support we've added to EclipseLink JAXB (MOXy): blog.bdoughan.com/2011/08/… –  Blaise Doughan Jul 11 '12 at 21:19
I need anything using Jackson, coz we are using jackson in our project. –  user1417746 Jul 11 '12 at 21:28
Have you looked at Spring's MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter? If you're not using HttpMessageConverters the source might at least give you some hints. –  MattR Jul 12 '12 at 4:43

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According to the Jackson javadoc:


public final void setAnnotationIntrospector(AnnotationIntrospector ai)

    Deprecated. Since 1.8, use either withAnnotationIntrospector(AnnotationIntrospector) or Module API instead

    Method for replacing existing annotation introspector(s) with specified introspector. Since this method modifies state of configuration object directly, its use is not recommended

Did you check the method withAnnotationIntrospector(AnnotationIntrospector ai) to see wheter or not it's useful in your case?

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