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I am working through the above Tutorial from ScottGu located here (http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/pages/silverlight-tutorial-part-6-using-user-controls-to-implement-master-detail-scenarios.aspx) and I am trying to figure how when the UserControl loads, the background page is 'grayed' out like that? Where is that code for that?

I am trying to extract that logic into my own Page / UserControl scenario and when I load the UC, the background is still fully 'visible'. Thanks for any advice!

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Under the heading Building a Basic Modal Dialog Using a User Control, Scott's post describes:

"The first control above is configured to stretch to take up all of the available space on the screen. Its background fill color is a somewhat transparent gray (because its Opactity is .765 you can see a little of what is behind it). The second control will then be layered on top of this Rectangle control, and take up a fixed width on the screen."

The Rectangle "grays out" the contents of the screen.

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Yes, that's it - I relooked at my code and I had explicitly set the Width and Height of my UserControl so it was always fixed. –  user118190 Jul 17 '09 at 16:16

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