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So I have this menu.

<div class="menu">
<li class="page_item page-item-23 current_page_item">
<a href="http://localhost/irises/">Forside</a></li>
<li class="page_item page-item-26">
<a href="http://localhost/irises/?page_id=26">Produkter</a>
<ul class='children'>
<li class="page_item page-item-83">
<a href="http://localhost/irises/?page_id=83">Produkt 1</a>
<li class="page_item page-item-203">
<a href="http://localhost/irises/?page_id=203">Produkt 2</a>
<li class="page_item page-item-41">
<a href="http://localhost/irises/?page_id=41">Kursuskalender</a>
<li class="page_item page-item-2">
<a href="http://localhost/irises/?page_id=2">Nyheder</a>
<li class="page_item page-item-16"><a href="http://localhost/irises/?page_id=16">IRIS Enterprise Solutions</a></li>
<li class="page_item page-item-62">
<a href="http://localhost/irises/?page_id=62">Kontakt</a>

So when I do this

$('.menu ul li').after('<li class="delimiter">|</li>');

I get a delimiter after each main menu point, but also inside the submenu.

<ul class='children'>

How would the jquery be if I only want this delimiter between my main menu points.

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Specify specific children like so: $('.menu > ul > li').after('<li class="delimiter">|</li>');

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Awsome Andrew! That works perfectly. So the > is pointing to the next element in its self? .menu find ul. in ul find li? –  Ronnie Jespersen Jul 11 '12 at 22:19
@RonnieJespersen The > denotes a child. So any ul elements that are direct children of .menu will be targeted, and then any li that are direct children of the ul. It just makes it so that it only applies to ul elements that are right below .menu. –  jezza-tan Jul 12 '12 at 13:32

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