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I apologize in advance if this question is not suitable for this forum but I have posted it here as I know this question although litigious in nature does not require much of legal knowledge and can be answered by anyone who has had experience with this sort of thing.

I have recently learnt that one of my friends has started a website which provides users capability to enter search queries and retrieves relevant results. It basically function like the yellow pages in that it is only concerned with queries regarding business establishments and various other similar information but for all intents and purposes think of it as yellow pages online. So the information is retrieved not by crawling the web with the query but from a separate database that he is maintaining on his own. When I asked him how he got the data, he told me he paid various agencies that were concerned with data collection and obtained the data from them. I then suggested to him that the same task could be achieved by employing machine learning algorithms and crawling the web and retrieving relevant information then cleaning the obtained data and populating the database.

My point was that this would be a free, more regular and a faster process which would lead to a more up to date database as opposed to buying data every so often from some companies. But he seemed to think for some reason that just crawling the web and displaying retrieved information on your website would invoke legal problems. But my point is, if the service I am providing is free and someone has already posted their information on the internet, then why can I not retrieve that information and display it on my website also? Isn't it better for them since I am advertising their brand at no cost to them?

Please do let me know about your comments on this and how I should proceed with mining data for such a website in the sense of the precaution I might have to take between collecting the relevant data and posting the data on my website?

I once again apologize as I know this is not the right forum to ask such question but I wanted to know what people over here think as I know there are quite a few experienced programmers and researchers on here and I am sure at least a few if not all of them are into data mining and/or machine learning and would have encountered such problems in the past.

Thanks in advance.

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It is a question of fair use.

  • If you crawl the websites of business, with a crawling rate that doesn't harm them, it probably is fair use
  • If you crawl the website of a competitor to copy their data, it is a violation of their terms of use.

Printed yellow pages, phone books etc. often contain some fake entries that are used to bust people that copy them. It proves you violated the copyright.

The data obtained by crawling could be more up to date, but it will also contain a lot more crap. Consider Google. They are the kings of crawling. Yet they verify business entries with snail mail postcard. Guess why! Because the crawler would collect to many fake entries and spam.

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I'm not sure about the scope of your problem (do you only want to consider businesses in one country, or all over the world?) and how much information you want to retrieve, but gathering this information yourself is quite a challenge. Legally, you'll depend on the licenses of the websites your crawling. Websites offering such data will surely have a policy on whether it is fine to reuse it or not.

Furthermore, there are websites which already gather business information for their area/country and they often allow other to make use of it. I know of one website which tries to combine all information from several smaller websites into one worldwide database of information about businesses, called opencorporates.com. They allow you to reuse their data, so that might be a good free source of business data for you.

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the businesses that we are considering are global. Well basically its like this let's say you travel to a new town and you're in the mood for sushi for lunch. But you don't know of any places at this new town that you're in so you just query this search engine and it will give you listings starting from the restaurant closest to you that meets your requirements. So it is indeed global, ya but my question is pertaining to having an independent system in place for data collection where we would not have to pay people regularly for obtaining data for our website. –  user1009091 Jul 12 '12 at 1:24
I guess a fully automated solution won't be viable. Continuous manual correction will be needed or your data will contain wrong/missing businesses. You could try the following though. Use www.opencorporates.com to search for keywords that you assume will occur in the business name (e.g., sushi, restaurant, bookstore). Some entries will already list an address, others won't. You can then google the business name (together with additional information like jurisdiction or address) to find the website of the business and use that website to add any missing information like address and phone number –  Sicco Jul 12 '12 at 11:32
Anyway, I guess it will be quite a challenge to get good results and buying this information might turn out to be cheaper. –  Sicco Jul 12 '12 at 11:33
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I work on Google Localsearch. We both buy data from third party providers and scrape and parse data from the web.

I assure you, the technical challenges with scraping free form text and transforming it into structured information are much harder than the legal ones.

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I was having the same discussion with my professor today and he said exactly the same thing about the structuring of collected data, so since you are currently working on it would you be of the opinion that buying data is more viable than crawling for data assuming that I don't crawl the competitors' websites or any such thing. Well I know its not as black and white as just saying its viable or not, I guess what I want to know is would you advise that we start to develop the approach of crawling for data also in addition to buying the data? –  user1009091 Jul 13 '12 at 1:43
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