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Will request scope tied to my DatabaseFactory release my database connection after the request is finished?

kernel.Bind<IDatabaseFactory>().To<DatabaseFactory<MySqlConnection>>().InRequestScope().WithConstructorArgument("connectionString", Config.Data.MySQLConnection);

public class DatabaseFactory<T> : Disposable, IDatabaseFactory where T : IDbConnection, new()
        private readonly string _connectionString;
        private  IDbConnection _dataConnection;

        public DatabaseFactory(string connectionString)
            _connectionString = connectionString;

        #region IDatabaseFactory Members

        public IDbConnection Get()
            return _dataConnection ?? (_dataConnection = new T { ConnectionString = _connectionString });


        protected override void DisposeCore()
            if (_dataConnection != null)
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If you are using the Ninject.Web.MVC extension then those objects are guaranteed to be disposed once the request object is collected by the Garbage Collector (GC) (from here)

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It seems from that post by using InRequestScope, it disposes the DBFactory at the end of the request. Am I wrong in noticing that in the post you sent? –  Mike Flynn Jul 12 '12 at 16:00
Yes you are correct, that's what you need rgt? –  Mark Jul 12 '12 at 16:05
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