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I have tried this code sample by Microsoft which allows you to use a custom Windows Forms Control to draw an XNA GS 4.0 scene:

winforms series 1.

The code works great when drawing a single triangle, but when i try to draw a generated mesh it just draws X in the control. I debugged the code and it seems that when i reach:

  graphics.GraphicsDevice.DrawUserIndexedPrimitives<VertexPositionColor>(PrimitiveType.TriangleList, Vertices, 0, Vertices.Length, indicies, 0, indicies.Length / 3);

It never exits the Draw function. I have tested my code in a normal XNA Game Project and it works 100%.

Does anyone have a clue what's going on?

Thank you in advance.

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I'm confused. If your code runs fine in an XNA Game Project then what is the issue? I would think that an XNA Game Project is better suited for turning a poly object into a graphic object then a simple form created for the purposes of a simple tutorial. –  SASS_Shooter Jul 11 '12 at 22:14

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it seems that the problem was the XNA reach profile, Just changed it to hiDef and it worked ! :)

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